Reviews: Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D´Or - Aroma EP [Broque LP15]


Safran charted top 13 in reader's choice in Groove year charts 2008!
Carl Craig:
Interesting, will play Ginger!

Always into Cio's stuff, this is stand out avantgarde techno.

Jennifer Cardini:
Love them all! Great!

Marcel Fengler (Berghain):
Deep and dubby!! Safran is nice.

Loco Dice:
Will definitely play these!

Martin Landsky:
Safran works for me. i like this basic channel-esque dubby atmo...

Superb release, I will obviously play a lot of those tracks, I may include Kukurma in a mix CD one day...

Laurent Garnier:
Good deep, atmospheric tracks. Will play for sure.

Jeff Samuel:
I like Kukurma, nice beatless track... Wish people still made stuff like this.

Have been a big fan of Paul�s stuff for years so this is a welcome package for me.

Martin Eyerer:
Really cool tunes. Ginger being my pick.

Marco Carola:
Great release.

Adam Beyer:
Dig this, very cool release. Safran!

Ginger is a beauty!

Very deep and brainstorm music! Excellent.

Konrad Black:
I love this release... nice and moody.

Len Faki:
Exactly what I need for my sets around 11am at Berghain! Outspacing techno music!

Stephan Bodzin:
Love Safran!!! The other tracks are also very goooooood. Full support.

Donato Dozzy:
ABSOLUTELY STUNNING RELEASE! Safran flyes up to the stars! Kurkuma is a visionary ambientish poem! Full support!

Mike Parker:
Aroma Broque 015 is great!

Pascal F.E.O.S.:
Safran is THE track!

2000 And One:
Typical Paul Brtschitsch, deep trippy and wideopen!!!! Nice one!

John Digweed:

Joel Mull:
Wow!! Fantastic music. Like a foggy dream layer of emotions. Im a great fan of P.Brtschisch since way back. He alsways had a own sound. And its a inspiration to hear his productions. Safran will be played for sure in the right mix it will make people close their eyes!! Electronic music at its finest.

Miss Kittin:
Yes I got it already, it's fabulous! Keep it up!

Orde Meikle (Slam):

Christian Smith:
Very useful stuff! Nice and atmospheric. Will play Safran for sure in the earlier parts of my long sets! Many thanks for this.

Pig & Dan:
Nice after stuff. Amazing productions.

John Selway:
Really great feeling from these tracks, ok it's not a big dancefloor killer but who cares, it's very nice music!

Claudio PRC:
Wow Cio...You and Paul have done a wonderful job!!! kisses...

SuperPlatte wird das!!! Tolle Tracks, tolle Stimmung. Meine Super Favourites sind: Safran und Kurkuma. Ginger finde ich auch super, aber wenn schon eine Reihenfolge, denn schon. Toll, bin ganz begeistert.

Heike Reich (Zündfunk):
1. Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D�Or - Aroma EP (Ginger) [Broque]
2. Donato Dozzy - TimeOutAtTheGap [RyR019]
3. Ray Okpara - This Is For Deep [lomidhigh]
4. Tim Green - Mr Dry Remixe [Trapez]
5. Click Box - Bass Tilt [Espaco e Tempo]
6. Mihalis Safras - Gummish Cats [Trapez]
7. Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate - The Thouroughfare (SIS Remix) [mur004]
8. Sascha Dive - Deepest America [Ornaments]
9. Sands - Marc Houle [Sixty Four]
10. Dimitri Andreas - RunAndHide (Guido Schneider Remix) [Systematic]
11. Markus Fix - Bo Boston [Cecille numbers]
12. Silent Servant - Violencia (Function Mix) [Sandwell District]
13. Jacez Sienkiewicz - Beacon [Recognition]
14. James Kronier - Bladnoch (Sebastian Roya Remix) [Shooting Elvis]
15. Le Le - Breakfast (Aardvarck Remix) [Magnetron Musi]

Juho Kahilainen:
mustsay that upcoming release from you and paul brtschitsch sounds dope.'ginger' would be my pick. i really love that spacy and crisp sound. itwill be big!
Once again: a brilliant release. 'Ginger' is a greattrack for transition from 'Sleeparchive to Sascha Funke'. I mean it haselements from both worlds.

Thilo Schneider (Groove Magazine):
Will consider for review.

Andy (Raveline):
Safran is the one... sounds great... will do review.

Luca Bacchetti:
Safran is an amazing track!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

Russ Gabriel:
Paul is a great producer. Like this collaboration too. Ginger is a really beautiful track.

Darko Esser:
What can I say, I am a fan! Ginger has been a personal fav for a while and the other 2 or no less then stunning.. Excellent record!!

Gregor Tresher:
Cool tracks again, while I�m still playing out 'Parkett'.

Tom Wax (You FM Germany):
Good release.

Barry Redsettaz (Spin 1038 Ireland):
Like what Paul B does, always have. Safran never gets going for me, but Ginger delves deeper, lovely guitar... Kukurma is nice!

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio):
Waahhw!! This Guitar melody sounds amazing!

Jose Gonzalo (DJ Magazine Spain):
Ginger is my favourite track. Also, the other tracks are really cool. Underground and hypnotic stuff.

Barry Redsettaz (Spin 1038 Ireland):
Like what Paul B does, always have. Safran never gets going for me, but Ginger delves deeper, lovely guitar... Kukurma is nice!

Takaya (Gemini Records, Tokio):
both excellent tracks (Safran + Ginger). deep, dope & mysterious liked musical ambient mood... saludos

very nice release, well done.

Spaced out stuff, nice melodies on Ginger. Reminds me of Boards of Canada.

Benoit C (Tsugi Magazine France):
Great great collaboration.

die aroma is bombe! warum is die so laut und vom klang so geil ??? :) hammerhammerhammer !!!

Nick Hoppner (MyMy/Panorama Bar):
Wow, love all three tracks. Serious techno and melancholic electronica in one package. Not a badfeat at all.

Lovely use of sounds in this! Ginger is a great great track!

Nick Warren:
Kukurma is a sublime slice of electronic ambience, but for me its all about Ginger, brilliant!

Nice EP. Gonna drop Safran for my floors, but Kukurma has a nice new ageish edge to it, wicked!

Damian Lazarus:
This is an excellent EP!

Ginger is great for me!

Michel De Hey:
Paul has made a lot great records, again great music from him.

Satoshi Tomiie:
Very intelligent EP. Loving Safran. Excellent!

Tiger Stripes:
I love Safran!

Chris Fortier:
Cool deep,late night workouts. Safran is automatic and Kukurma is a pretty greatambient tool in need of beats.

Markus Liefke (Afrilounge):
Safran is cool, will support this...

Silicone Soul:
Great release - will be playing Safran tonightfor sure. Love all that trippy deepness!! Fabulous EP, outstanding!

Dennis Ferrer:
Sounds really nice. Will support.

All tracks are good. I really like Kukurma mot, mindblowingthe way it breaks into this simple and beautiful melody � thanx forthat one!

Basti Schwarz (Tiefschwarz):
Safran is top!!!

Jerome Sydenham:
A most enjoyable deep techno experience. Safran!

Loving Kukurma for its blessed out abstract ambient vibe. Can�t wait to mess with this in the mix.

Alexi Delano:
Good EP.

Danny Tenaglia:
Love it!

Hector Romero:
These are all really good!

Christopher Colak (Dinamo FM Istanbul):
Dubby, non-frantic calm techno is the best for me. Nice chords! Nice Release! I Dig!

AndyWilson (Sonica Radio Ibiza):
All very well-crafted and atmospheric but not my type of atmospheres apart from the particularly lovely Kukurma, which i will play at Cafe del Mar and sunset type gigs, plus on the radio in a mellow moment, nice...

Hernan Cattaneo:
Great tracks! Safran the pick.

Danny Howells:
Loving this release...!

Lee Burridge:
Not for me, but very cool!


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