Reviews: Cio D´Or - Die Faser / Part 2 [Prologue - PRG008]


Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings)
nice ep. Pailletten is hypnotic as all hell! The Sleeparchive mix is typically good and very friendly for the dance-floor.Can't wait to trip people out to this pulsating gem.
Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / Echocord)
superb techno! full support!
Speedy J (Collabs feat Chris Liebing & Speedy J/Collabs feat. George Issakidis & Speedy J/Electric Deluxe)
space! love this release!
Heartthrob (Minus)
Interesting and unique. Well made stuff!
Troy Pierce (Minus)
sick e.p. digging every track.
DJ Hell (International Deejay Gigolo Records)
sounds good !! i will play it !!
Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt)
both pailletten mixes are great. full support, heiko
prologue continues its strong showing with another killer from cio.
Joell Mull (Harthouse, Railyard, Audiomatique)
Music for the darker period of the year, definetly fits November. For me i Pailetten is cool. But feeling Seide (Tranenensalz) Lovely ambient.
Paul Brtschitsch (Rootknox)
of course deep cio sound scapes! really into favourite is mohair, superb bouncing bassline! also liking the sleeparchive remix.
Peter Van Hoesen
Top! Prologue & Cio at their best. Both the original and the Sleeparchive remix are my favs.
Kevin Gorman ( Mikrowave )
the sound on the original pailletten is immense, so considered and clean. the sleeparchive mix compliments it very nicely, and doesnt stray too far into different sounds. i am starting a new radio show and will be supporting all of these prologue releases, one of the best labels around right now. many thanks for the music.
Alex Under (CMYK)
thumbs up for that brain massage! yes. 4 of 4
Richie Hawtin (Minus)
download for R Hawtin
Gregor Tresher (Cocoon Recordings)
Both original and the Sleeparchive Mix of Pailletten sound great. will play this out.
Markus Kavka (MTV Europe)
geniale idee, "pailletten" ausgerechnet von sleeparchive remixen zu lassen.passt wie arsch auf eimer. sagenhaft und ein muss in der disco. zu den anderen tracks bzw. cios wunderbarem album hab ich mich ja schon geäußert. liebe grüße, markus
Thaddeus Hermann (De:Bug)
actually perfect from a to z
Electric Indigo
excellent remix of the wonderful pailletten original! very hypnotic with a driving groove that could go on all night :-) perfect match! love seide (traenensalz) as well, how delicate and subtle...
Joris Voorn (Green)
All tracks are great!! Good to hear something from Sleeparchive again as well! Looking forward to the album..
Laurent Garnier
proper spaced out techno ep Full support from me
Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum)
Perfect for me, really like all tracks. Great for the label to have a sleeparchive remix on the release and its a great mix. Full dj and chart support.
Dave Twomey
another killer 12 to support the album release... my pick the original "Pailletten"! crackling ...
Eric Cloutier (Resident Advisor)
Miss D'or completely owns the B-side of this record. Cannot get enough of "Mohair (The True Blue)" - going straight in to the crate to play.
John Selway (CSM) (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/John Selway)
very good abstract atmospheres
Brun (Swayzak)
bleeP heaven !
Slam (Soma Records)
tripped out and spaced out - all good trax - very strong package , will spin
Agaric (We Are)
Quality stuff. Very hypnotic, me like
Tim Sch�fer (030 Magazin)
Album. Maxi. Top. Eines meiner Favoriten 2009.
DSinc Radio
Prologue colorates its soundspace with somekind of minimal influences and it makes the style really of today
Drumcell (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings)
once again another amazing record.. thanks for inspiration
Mark S. Krüx (Urb Magazine)
Love expected. The original sounds more like Sleeparchive than the SA remix;-) Will def play A1, A2 and use B1 as a tool.
The Bunker NYC
mental. love it!
Philip Sherburne (The Wire/Resopal Red/Lan Muzic/Pitchfork)
very nice -- spooky and ethereal stuff. love the ambient cut!
The Advent (Kombination Research/Labyrinth)
A1 & A2 I prefer.
Richard Carnes
Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records)
Really into B1, thanks!
A side : sounds really great!!!!! Cool & Tough. B side : feel relax!
Ed Mackie (Bass Instinct Magazine)
nice rounded ep
Tomas Barfod ( aka Tomboy, WhoMadeWho / Get Physical )
Blind Spot on 103.2 Preston FM
nice and dark, thanks
Elia Pace
Loving everything Cio D´r is doing at the moment and the inclusion of long awaited new Sleeparchive material is the icing on this particular cake!
Drowned In Sound
Brilliant, as I thought. Prologue are definitely one of my labels of the year.
Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records)
oh thank you very much, christmas come early ! all sounding great
Machines Are Funky Blog, Resident Advisor
Insistent atmospheric pieces that create an uneasy ambience. Superb.
Noice Podcast Series
some nice techno here....
Dario Zenker (Harry Klein)
spacy stuff!
Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins)
mohair groovt am meisten... wird unterstützt;-)
Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 )
like the last Cio D´Or really a nice listen as well as something to play... all are great especially the Sleeparchive mix! thanks
Seth Troxler
the sleeparchive and mohair are rad. will play both
Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music)
Nice minimalism.
Expander (Sonic Culture)
Great follow-up to the previous release! Like all tracks, specially "Pailletten" and the Sleeparchive remix!
Chris Miller (Little White Earbuds)
loving every track, as usual, especially the ambient track. thanks a lot!
Sam Gracie (Resonant Vibes)
These are super cool... perfect Halloween techno. Love the Sleeparchive mix. Thanks!
John Selway (CSM) (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/John Selway)
very good abstract atmospheres
b2 is a huge track! b1 is a very nice ambient track
Another bomb! Clean an deep, directly in my heart!
I find that all the tracks are very creative and interesting, my favorite one is Sleeparchive mix. keep up the good work!
DJ GAOGAO vinyl gu�rilla from France / RADIO CAMPUS BESANCON
difficult to make an opinion with small extracts, but very very minimale. I like the dubby Mohair track.
BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montr�al
Simply superb! Pailletten original and rmx are delicate and pure thumping gems.
Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend)
Superb deep spacey techno! Love both a-side cuts.
Diversions on chry105.5fm
nice atmospheric, dense and dreamy textures - really into PALLETTEN (Original) !
great minimal piece! sleeparchive and's so cold!! :)
Nino (Altroverso)
perfect for altroverso. airplay.
DJ Fra (Nitsa)
FANTASTIC RECORD! Love it so much! Will play this out
Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur)
B1 !!!!
Undo ( Factor City )
really like the sleeparchive remix. will play.
Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings)
Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor )
this is pure dark techno, obviously I love it. Sleeparchive the remix I�ll play the most. thanks sooooo much!
Xpansul (Ovum Recordings)
Beautiful release. Hypnotic, emotional... Loving it.
Space out techno and Sleeparchive rmx. Full support overall Seide.
Elegant and different form to make techno. Prologue and artist work there make a new experienrience for a listeners. I think that I will play Mohair n a radio show.
Dave Twomey
another killer 12 to support the album release... my pick the original "Pailletten"! crackling ...
Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records)
oh thank you very much, christmas come early ! all sounding great
A side : sounds really great!!!!! Cool & Tough. B side : feel relax!
Martin Gretschmann
I like Pailletten a lot! Also the Sleeparchive Remix is GREAT. Ilikethewholerealease
Tim Thaler (3headz)
full rotation support on BLN FM radio, Berlin!
Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe)
Excellent! Supporting!
DJ Emerson (Micro.fon)
klasse original und grossartiger remix - super release,....supportin this
Magaret Dygas (Panoramabar)
dreamy :) thanks
Gianni Vitiello (Aroma) (Bar25)
love the spacy atmosphere here - pailletten & sleeparchive RMX for me!!!
Minimal Land (MInimal Land)
will be posted, great tracks as the other one!
Butane (Alphahouse/Crosstown Rebels)
both a-tracks are pure thunder.
Pailletten is a nice and smooth track. I like it. The others are also very good.
Falko Brocksieper (The Result/Sub Static)
Some great dark stuff here, thanks!
James Blonde (MBF, Sweat Lodge)
very hypnotic music, and good remix thanks
Northern Rivers Echo / The Indoor Sessions
It's Mohair for me all the way
Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto )
I like them all, just like part 1. These are really decent releases! Favourites from this releases are the Pailletten Sleeparchive remix although I do like the original as well and Seide. mmmm but Mohair is also cool :-)
wow this second EP has fantastic darkness and very well crafted techno pieces. Techno concrete!


Cio D´Or
Thank you, Roger for your amazing Remix!!!
Len Faki (Len Series, Berghain) (Ostgut Ton)
hypnotic sleeparchive mix!
Tobias Staab (Groove Magazine)
Killer. Love the album but the sleeparchive mix in unbelievable.
Sleeparchive is my fave, really into it, will test out immediately this weekend.
John Tejada
i really like the sleeparchive remix
Agoria (Different)
sleep archive one is greatttt
Scuba (Hotflush)
Loving the Sleeparchive mix.
Ivan Smagghe
sleep archive still rock...
Sasha (Renaissance)
Love Sleeparchive mix !!
Christian Kausch (Partysan/Broque)
I think, Sleeparchive is the perfect choice for the remix. And the artwork is awesome, too!
David Hemingway (xlr8r)
A2 sounds nice.
DJ Hal (EQ Magazine)
The Sleeparchive mix is superb!
Ryan Elliott (Spectral Sound)
Loving the Sleeparchive mix. Whoot Whoot, will play in Dusseldorf this weekend.
Silent Servant (Sandwell District)
Sleeparchive mix is top. A2 and B1 are very solid pieces. A2 will get charted on RA this month>>
Beno�t Carretier (Tsugi)
great sleeparchive remix
Florian Obkircher (The Gap)
sleeparchive remix is great!
Steffen (
wow, again awesome remix after the dozzy one!
Heike Reich (Zuendfunk)
aah like always very cool. favorite: traenensalz und sleeparchive mix - nehm beide mit dieses we in die formbar!!!
Sleeparchive mix rocks!
DJ MPLeary (Raveline)
very deep....sleep archive rmx is good...
Cool EP. Really loving the Sleeparchive mix.
Sammy Goosens (Pullproxy)
sleeparchive mix for me
Tom Verhoeven (Nightcode)
sleeparchive still does it :)
Marcelle van Hoof
love Sleeparchive!!!
Sleeparchive mix is cool
Steffen (
wow, again awesome remix after the dozzy one!
Beaner (Bar25)
no surprise the sleeparchive mix is my fave. but really good ep overall. mmm, bleepy.
Plastic Lounge @ Freies Radio Freudenstadt
Sleeparchive mix-hypnotisch,magische minimalgranate!
Dave Heugel
Sleeparchive remix is the one for me, thanks for sending.
Chris Liebing (CLR)
the sleeparchive mix is a good tool for me!
Radio Z
great dry & clear sound, and sleeparchive is one of the best
Radio Suisse (dimitri)
good stuff ! like sleeparchive rmx and seide.
James Huxley
Not usually my type of thing so much. But done so well. Sleeparchive mix rocks!
VRT Radio
crazy, mad deep Archive rmx. Love it!
Jonas Kopp (Curle)
Love this Label ! I will play sleeparchive mix ! Great EP , Keep On tripping Guys!



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