Reviews: Donato Dozzy & Cio D´Or - Menta EP [Time To Express - T2X07]



Chris Hobson (mnml ssgs)
this collaboration is a further step forward for time to express, another sign that it is one of the labels leading the way in forward thinking techno. both as djs and producers donato dozzy and cio d'or have been developing a unique brand of deep, hynotic techno, which is on display in this collaboration. 'menta' and 'limone' are driving, swirling cuts well suited for the late nights and early hours. van hoesen's remix of 'menta' adds his distinctive touch, giving it a darker and more edgy feel. quality release.

Peter Chambers (Resident Advisor)

Samuli Kemppi
thank you for this one. Already played 'Menta' on the radio. Once again a rock solid release from T2X. Both original & Peter's remix of 'Menta' get full support from me. 'Limone' does the trick on early morning floors. Brilliant!

Juho Kahilainen
An awesome release. Techno and reverb belong together. The original version and the remix of "Menta" are my picks. I could play both and probably will.

Giorgio Gigli (Prologue)
so,this is my feedback : GREAT tracks! i play always in my djset....waiting the vinyl

Len Faki (Ostgut Ton)
limone & menta (peter van hoessen remix) - 2 very solid techno tracks on this relese! will play this out forsure!

Electric Indigo (Indigo Inc./Female:pressure)
sch�ne, hypnotische tracks, die super klingen!

Troy Pierce (M_Nus)
Favourite track: all 3
Personal comments: super cool e.p. really deep, it's been tough to play but i really dig the tracks.

Brendon Moeller (Deep Space Media/Rekids/Third Ear)
great release! full support on all mixes!

Seth Troxler (Wagon Repair)
great late night music, beautiful production, deep and classic not offensive. perfect.

Xyramat (FSK HH/Female:pressure/Wagenbau)
I love the music of Cio D'Or and the cooperation with Donato is really a good idea. My favourite track is Menta and I will play it of course. I love the spirit of these music and I love the moments, when I play the music of Cio D´Or.

Loud magazine
... I heard it first at Labyrinth & it still gets me big time. Wonderful groove & excellent alternative remix from Peter

Sian (Simple/Pokerflat)
Excellent dark moods

Andrew Rasse (Alphahouse/Butane)
huge tracks here. enough already with this nucomputer soulless house revival. more deep techno please.

Claudio PRC
thanks so much for this promo. Is an amazing EP from my two favourite artists. Three fresh tracks, i like all the EP. Absolutely differents sounds from the rest of recent music business. Hi quality music and experimentation, real good new Techno!

Jochen Ditschler
coming quite as no surprise, the combination of Dozzy-Mastermind DD and Cio leads to an incredibly deep masterpiece of hypnotic techno (Menta). Will try to get an Okay for a review in the next issue of the Groove-mag.

Dustin Zahn
Like I said before, I really love Limone!!!!!

Limone - insane! should destroy the floor :)

Jeremy Caulfield (dumb-unit)
Dark twirling moods . Great production ..

Dave Twomy (loud magazine) � reviewed
... I heard it first at Labyrinth & it still gets me big time. Wonderful groove & excellent alternative remix from Peter

Tuomas Salmela (cocoon moodmusic/2020 vision)
"menta" is proper hypno techno. gotta love it.

Laurent Garnier (F-Comm)
I like "menta" ...will try this one out

Annie Errez (Mint Club) - charted 8!
I've been a fan of Cio D'or for some time. Really solid EP but Menta is the standout for me. I will definitly be playing this!!

Ferdinando Manetta
Great!!!!! I play it at LPM festival 29 may to rome. Thanks it's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alland Byallo (Kontrol/San Francisco)
Very nice work here. Mature, intelligent.

Matt Xavier (Railyard Recordings Inc.)
Love this release. Super deep and modulated hypnotic techno from the red glassed Dozzy master. Peter's remix is also excellent. All good and full support from me.



Mason Rothert (Thump Radio/Redbull Radio)
Amazing production, sweet dark cavern beats - as soon as I find the right event to destroy this with I can't wait..

Gerd Hoeschen (alooga)
May 09: radio play great track

Marcus Wagner-Lapierre (fm 4)
June 09

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt)
May 09

James Mountain (Ministry/Ninja Tune)
May 09

Xyramat (FSK HH)
Sunday 24th May Tracklist: Donato Dozzy & Cio D'Or - Limone


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